Georgian Crystal Garlic


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Like Fire, Georgian Crystal Garlic is a PORCELAIN type from the Republic of Georgia with 5 to
7 very large cloves. 4 to 6 heads can weigh a pound. In 2016, there were a few near 4” diameter heads
in the harvest, besting all other garlic in size. White heads are flatter then German Extra Hardy, and the
outer papers dry to a dusky off-white sheen. Is this the Crystal? I am not sure, but the skin is a little
different. Georgian Crystal Garlic flavor is not as spicy as Georgian Fire, but pretty darn potent. Same good scapes as the other
Porcelains. Georgian Crystal Garlic is my most consistent performer thru the 10 seasons since Alisan LaCourse of
Maine Potato Lady fame sold me some of her finest. Alison’s Maine Potato Lady website sells seed
garlic and seed potatoes, and is worth your patronage.

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