Red Inchellium Garlic


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From the state of Washington originally, Red Inchellium Garlic is a SOFTNECK heirloom. Mine
came from Alison LaCourse 8 years ago. I wanted to try the challenge of growing softneck in Maine,
and at first it bested my patience. Softnecks like to emerge early into warm Springs, and we ain’t got
much of that as a rule in Maine. Over time, with selecting the largest heads and planting only the
biggest cloves, the Red Inchellium Garlic strain has performed better and better for me. 8 to 15 smallish cloves from medium
sized heads. 6 to 10 heads make a pound. Floppy stalks grow about knee height, looking more like an
onion that a garlic, and never (rarely) puts out a scape. Light green leaves stick out in comparison to
dark Hardneck foliage. Flavor is mild, a little bit sweetly pungent. You can use this garlic in raw form.
Red Inch, as I call it, keeps thru the Winter into May and is my Mom’s choice for making braids. Note:
Red Inchellium does sometimes form “throat sets”. These are swellings in the stalk just above the bulb
that contain clonal separations similar to bulbils in a mature scape. “Throat sets” do not cause any
problems and seem to occur randomly.

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