German Extra Hardy Garlic


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A well-known name of PORCELAIN type with 3 to 7 very large
cloves. Cloves of this size, as Gene Frey has coined, allow use of garlic as a vegetable not just a spice.
Due to consistent large size, 4 to 6 heads will often weigh a pound. The outer papers are pure white,
while the inner papers can be rose streaked. A sturdy, thick, tall stalk and dark green leaves give that
classic Porcelain form. Flavor is medium spicy & bold, but not acrid or bitter. There is no evidence this
is German in origin, and may be the same as other strains of German White, New York White, or
Music. Having seen these three from other growers, I can say this strain of German Extra Hardy is at
least phenotypically different. I maintain a strain of something called “Music” (who knows if it is that
or not) that I received from Dr. Steve Johnson which also grows and looks somewhat different than
anything I have seen….Who knows or cares? This Extra Hardy is big, bold, cold winter hardy,
consistent stuff with thick succulent scapes. My strain is from a now-retired garlic grower elder in
Maine who sold off her well-maintained planting stock 8 years ago or so. Grown in Maine for decades
previous to that sell-off. Over time, I transitioned from another German Extra Hardy strain to this one
because its size and performance is very good.

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