Ordering From Fruits of Our Labors



How We Ship and Why

Garlic Shipping begins on September 1st, 2016. After that date, orders are shipped within a few days
of being placed or received (on-line order vs. mail-order). I use USPS for all shipping. Why? The quick answer is that I live in a rural area
and the post office is right down the road. The longer answer is that, after
many years working in mail order business, I have seen the results of shipping by other
methods. Not very pretty at times. I find USPS does the best job shipping garlic. The boxes arrive in
 good condition, and Priority Mail gets garlic to customers quickly and with less time spent degrading in
too hot or too cold trucks. Garlic is alive and perishable. Please keep in mind a package of garlic should
not be left in direct sun or freezing temps when received. All day in a hot car or all night in a freezing
car can be just as deadly as bad shipping methods!

When Your Garlic Order Arrives


As soon as the package of garlic arrives, please open the box and remove the contents. Review
the order sheet and the received garlic to be sure both align. A planting guide should be within the
package. If a guide is not present, download or request one and I will send it write along. Inspect the
garlic at the time of receipt. My intent is to sell “seed” garlic of very good quality. Any rot, damage, or
incorrect orders should be reported within 48 to 96 hours of order arrival via phone or email. This
prompt reporting allows the best chance for a replacement! The next option is a refund for
unsatisfactory portions of an order. Refunds are limited to the cost of goods, any tax, and shipping.

Where to Keep Garlic Until You Plant It

Received “seed” garlic should be stored inside at room temperature, relatively dry place with
decent airflow. Overall, a stable temperature is best, and on the cool side is better but not required. A
vented tray/crate, basket, or the like with the “seed” garlic single layered keeps moisture and heat from
building up. Sunlight and heat will degrade garlic while it awaits planting time. The same is true of
below freezing temps or dampness. Rot can result from the wrong storage conditions, only to be
discovered days or weeks later at planting time. Garlic is tough, but requires some TLC.

To Order By Mail

If at all possible, please use the on-line store front to purchase garlic. The next best way is to
use the on-line store check-out process but do not submit payment. Print out a screen shot of the order,
total price, with shipping address etc and send that along with a check. Be sure to include your contact
information!. Another method is to contact me via info@fruitsofourlabors.com , the contact page
on this site, or phone 207-938-4113, telling mewhat you would like to order and your address.
I can relay back to you the total price. Then you send along a check with a note detailing that same
information and total to the address below. I CANNOTHOLD
is in hand, I will then fill your order.


Orders without correct address, contact info, incorrect math, etc create headaches
for you and I. An order with confusion will be held until the confusion has been resolved. I love people,
and love helping people. Let's just remember to do our best to maximize clarity and minimize drama. I
do not take credit card orders via mail or email or phone, only thru the on-line store front.


Make checks payable to “Fruits of Our Labors” and send to:
Heron Breen
Fruits of Our Labors
PO Box 132
Saint Albans, Maine

Refund Policy

There is a reasonable window within which to expect replacements or refunds when ordering
live and perishable plant material. Barring natural or personal disasters in the life of the customer, my
This quick reporting allows me to quite possibly replace any problem garlic. Very occasionally, a
severe defect develops or comes to a customer's attention at a later date. This happens in life and
business, and I will do my best under reasonable circumstances to make a customer “whole” (as the
saying goes). In many situations, I will ask for photos of the problem, which helps me know or guess
the issue at hand (and fix things on my end). Once “seed” garlic is planted by the customer, my
financial responsibility ends. Similarly, damage to “seed” garlic caused by a customer from improper
storage until planting is not grounds for a refund. Refunds are limited to the cost of goods.

Substitution Policy

I am not a huge fan of substitutions. As a customer, you have made your choices on your order
for a reason. When I am a customer myself, I hate it when people make choices for me. If I cannot fill
your order, I will contact you via phone and/or email information attached to your order. If I do my job
keeping my inventory “live”, most customers should get what they desire.