About FOOL and Our Maine Garlic Bulbs by Heron Breen


The FOOL In Chief

Often there is a lot of “we” and “us” in ABOUT pages. In this case, there is only myself to
blame, the FOOL in Chief. Good friends and family have labored within this farce, and we have had
many a laugh (and a few tears!). In my late 20's, I was looking for a piece of land to farm. The original
idea was to have a place where my dabblings with woody plants and rare vegetables could expand; a
laboratory of sorts. At some point, luck and effort helped me rent acreage from a non-judgmental
fellow okay with weeds and learning curves. Recently, a family farm in my hometown has also rented
me a rich piece of ground; their trust in me I hope to bear true.

Beginning Growing My Maine Garlic Bulbs In My Home Garden

I began growing a little garlic 15 years ago in my Saint Albans, Maine home garden. As I began
farming, I was lucky to have wise friends sell me stock of the healthy Maine garlic strains they had grown for
years. A few seasons of multiplying that stock, and I began selling my own Maine garlic bulbs. Through
market farming, seed saving, and now plant breeding, Maine garlic bulbs have been the backbone of each
harvest. Tested by years in Maine, tmy Maine garlic strains I offer for sale are reliable, useful, and of course full of
Maine garlic zip. Soon, with more luck and effort, I hope to offer seeds of rare classic vegetables and fruits, as
well as some new varieties from intentional breeding and happy accidents.

A Side Business

Customers will find email the first and best avenue to contact me. As I have a “day job”, I
cannot answer my phone nor respond to emails from 8 am to 5pm EST Monday thru Friday. Please
understand that I am operating a side business from my home and in my non-”day job” time. That
being said, I love to talk about garlic and will respond within 12 to 48 hours (barring natural and
personal disasters). Righting any wrongs take first priority. Customer questions and concerns are
important to me, and I intend to be prompt and helpful.