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A Bogatyr is a Russian hero-archetype, well worth reading about! And like from a folk
tale, comes this garlic that defies the status quo. Always admired for its striped beauty, Bogatyr Garlic has
flattened heads and very streaked skins somewhat like Rocomoboles, but the number and size of the
cloves are of a Porcelain. The scape, stalk height, and leaf color are of Rocombole, but the flavor being
of Porcelain. Then, it gets weird: Bogatyr Garlic can create what are called “throat sets”, which are clusters of
bulbils on the stalk just above the head. And, when over ripe, Bogatyr will split open from the bottom.
These are traits of Softneck types! There is a very unscientific label of “Purple Marble Striped” or some
version thereof for this form of garlic. These are made up names, and little work has been done to tease
apart the genetic origins of various garlic forms. To me Bogatyr represents an in-between form of
Hardneck and Softneck, another manifestation from the wild mythic foundation. I purchased just a
handful of heads from Adam Tomash and June Zeller 4 years ago after being stunned by the Bogatyr
size & beauty. I never buy stock in anymore, but had to give this strain a try. Of course, I promptly sent
3 heads away for disease/pest testing. With a first clean bill of health, I have multiplied and tested each
year since. I finally have enough to share, and am confident it is healthy stuff. Adam and June secured
their coveted huge sized stock a while back from Tom Vigue, another plantsperson of renown.

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