Polish Garlic


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Polish Garlic is a SOFTNECK, of Alison and Paul LaCourse’s superb selection. Originally,
Polish Garlic was white skinned when they got it a couple of decades ago from New York. In Maine, it developed a
nice purple wash, and received the LaCourse’s sizing up attention. Now it is very hardy, reliable in size
and coloring. Alison first sold me Red Inchellium because she did not want to let go of their Polish
strain. A few years later, she and Paul allowed me to purchase “seed” stock of Polish Garlic, and I will be
forever grateful for their trust. Similar to Red Inchellium, but hardier, with better color, and stronger
stalks. Fewer “throat sets” and long-keeping. This is about as premium a strain of Softneck that can be

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