Russian Red Garlic


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Russian Red Garlic is a very well-known name of the ROCOMBOLE type with 6 to 10
medium-sized cloves. Is it from Russia? Unknown, but it is the most hardy, “bullet-proof” garlic. 6 to 9
heads can weigh a pound. Firm stalks grows above knee height, with medium green leaf. The outer skin
can be dusky white with light streaks of rose and purple, or very streaked with less white base. Russian Red Garlic flavor
is earthy, medium spicy, and wholesome, not overwhelming. While scapes are less thick and succulent
than Porcelains, they appear after the scapes from Porcelain s making a long succession of scape eating
possible. There are many strains that go by the moniker “Russian Red”. My Mom is the source for my
strain; after years of being unhappy with the Russian strain I started with back 15 years ago, I asked
Mom for some of her reliable stuff. We traded: she wanted some Softneck, and I wanted the Red that
has always given good size. I don’t know where she got hers, and I think she has forgotten, too, its been
that long.

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